What Should You Pay for an Airbrush Tattoo?


So you’re sold on getting an airbrush tattoo. On the one hand, you don’t want to get ripped off, but on the other, some prices sound too good to be true. 

Airbrush tattooing is super popular nowadays, so it’s not like it’s a rare find and will cost you an arm and a leg. But even in its price range, there are upper and lower ends. 

On average, an Airbrush tattoo costs you $10 and will last you up to two weeks. However, the prices can vary depending on where you’re getting your tattoo from, but it won’t be too far from the average $10 price.

Paying around $10 for a temporary tattoo sounds like a great deal, but there’s much more to the pricing of airbrush tattoos. This article will break down what you should pay for a quality airbrush tattoo and why it costs that much.

What Do Airbrush Tattoos Cost?

On average, an airbrush tattoo costs $10, but it can vary. This price variation depends on: 

  • The tattoo artist and their equipment. 
  • The size or style of the tattoo.
  • And where you get your tattoo from.

Some tattoo artists may keep a higher price due to their equipment. They’ll probably charge you more if they’ve invested in a high-quality kit and inks. Generally, the quality of the tattoo and experience is better with such artists.

Like any other temporary or permanent tattoo, the size, and design matter. You’ll get a higher price point if you want a larger tattoo or something with a more intricate design. Similarly, you’ll pay significantly less by getting a stencil tattoo design.

Lastly, if you go to a tattoo parlor or dedicated shop to get your airbrush tattoo, you’ll be charged higher than a festival or simple setup. You might also need an appointment if they don’t accept walk-ins.

Check out how much airbrush tattoo artists make if you’re interested in becoming one.

Are Airbrush Tattoos Cheaper Than Permanent Ones?

Airbrush temporary tattoos are much cheaper than permanent tattoos. The price for a small permanent tattoo starts from $50, and it goes as high as the tattoo artist wants it to. There are multiple reasons for this.

The first reason is the type of equipment being used. Permanent tattoo artists require special kits with a different setup than airbrush tattoos. They also spend a lot of money on maintaining and sanitizing these items. For airbrush tattoo artists, this investment costs considerably less money because of which they charge their customers less.

Next, we have the time these tattoo sessions take. Time is money, and permanent tattoos sometimes take hours and multiple sessions. That’s not the case with airbrush tattoos at all. You could walk in and out of the shop within 10 minutes with an excellent-looking airbrush tattoo.

Lastly, permanent tattoos require care and maintenance. With an airbrush tattoo, you put one on and carry on with your day as you would. It’ll either fade away on its own, or you can remove it at home. But a permanent tattoo requires after-care ointments and other products to keep its vibrancy. If you want a removal by any chance, that will cost you a pretty penny as well.

Factors That Determine Airbrush Tattoos Cost

The cost of a temporary airbrush tattoo around you depends on a few factors. These are:

How Common Airbrush Tattoos Are Near You

If people doing temporary tattoos are a common sight where you live, you’ll get a lower price. Since it’s something so many people enjoy, there’s no need for tattoo artists to hike their prices.

This is also a sign that the price is in an affordable range for the majority.

Ease for Tattoo Artists to Operate

Chances are that you may have to pay a higher price if you’re in a country or city where tattoos of any kind are hard to get. This is mainly because it’s expensive for your tattoo artists to buy their supplies. They’ll have to charge you more to profit from what they’re doing.

Normally, a full airbrush equipment kit can cost hundreds of dollars, but taxes, shipping charges, and currency conversion can take the price to a couple of thousands as well.  


A handful of tattoo artists working in the same area compete over the same potential customers. Their prices stay according to what you as a customer would want to pay. 

So if there are multiple tattoo shops around you, you’ll be lucky enough to get a good price. 

Ratings of Tattoo Artists

Any five-star rated professional is often a busy person. If your local tattoo artist is well-known or a crowd favorite, you might have to pay higher compared to if it was anyone else. Since tattooing is now a way of expression and art, enthusiasts are willing to pay high prices to have an experience with their favorites. 

This can naturally influence the prices and availability of the tattoo artist.  


Temporary airbrush tattoos are nowhere near as expensive as permanent tattoos. You can even get a simple temporary tattoo for under 10 bucks. 

Although airbrush tattoos are considerably cheaper, their prices can vary according to your area or the tattoo artist you go to. It’s best to research and consult your local tattoo artists for their charges. 


1. Are Airbrush Tattoos Expensive?

Airbrush tattoos are generally inexpensive, but the price varies according to the size and design you want.

2. Is an Expensive Airbrush Tattoo Better Than a Cheap One?

There is no clear difference between the two. The expensive tattoos are normally applied by high-end equipment using premium inks. It’s up to your personal preference. 

3. What Price Range Is Acceptable for an Airbrush Tattoo?

$10 is the average price for a simple normal-sized tattoo. Your tattoo should be priced according to its features. 

4. Are Airbrush Tattoo Prices Negotiable?

It depends on the tattoo artists. The prices do vary according to different tattoo artists based on what you want.

5. How Can I Get a Cheap Airbrush Tattoo?

If your local tattoo parlor has expensive charges, you can try getting a cheaper tattoo from festivals or other events in your local area. 


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