Metastate Paint is a body painting and airbrushing company that has been operating since 2015. Started in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Metastate Paint has traveled across western Canada providing body painting services at all kinds of venues and events such as music festivals, club nights, fashion shows, and modelling shoots.


Mattios, Metastate Paint’s founder, started this company to share his passion for this art form with the world. As a true believer in authentic expression, Mattios aims to inspire people to be themselves, become financially successful doing things that they love, and achieve freedom in personal choice and spirit.

This site is made for you if you’re:

  • An artist that wants to learn how to monetize your work,
  • someone that thinks body painting or airbrushing is cool and wants to start doing it as a hobby or professionally
  • someone that wants to make money and be successful doing something that you love
  • inspired by Metastate Paint’s vision, artwork, or stories of doing art for a living.

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